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0.75mm 3.3 decitex Nylon Flock - Royal Blue (7685C)

This 0.75mm flock creates a rich suede like soft surface with a warm feel, and is widely used in a range of applications from fabrics and fashion accessories to automotive interiors.
0.75mm flock has a wide range of applications across industries due to its versatility. Some of the popular uses include:

  • Automotive Industry: it is used to create a fine texture on the rubber profiles, glove boxes, and inside equipment          
  • Textile Industry: it is used to do the motif flocking on T-shirts
  • Cosmetic Industry: it is used in the production of cosmetic applicators for mascara, eyeshadow, and lip gloss to create a soft and even application
  • Stationery Industry: it is used to create a suede like texture on stationery products like notebooks, journals, or greeting cards.
  • Toy Industry: it can be applied to the surface of a puppet or doll to create a soft and fuzzy texture that resembles hair or fur.


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Royal Blue (0.75mm 3.3 dtex)

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