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1.0mm 3.3 decitex Nylon Flock - Midnight Blue (2748C Trilobal)

Trilobal flock is a type of flock fibre that has a distinctive triangular cross-section. This shape creates a unique reflective effect, which gives the flock a shimmering and sparkling appearance.

It is commonly used in the textiles industry to create fabrics with a metallic or iridescent finish. It is also used in other applications, such as toys, models, automotive, packaging and papercrafts.

Trilobal flock can be used on its own or added to other matt colour flock fibres to create a unique visual effect. Its ability to reflect light in multiple directions giving an interesting shiny effect that changes with the angle of the light.


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Midnight Blue - 1.0mm 3.3 Dtex (Trilobal)

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