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Fabricoat™ Series 60/100 - Blown Flocking Adaptor - Current lead time is between 1 - 2 weeks for dispatch.

The flocking of objects with pockets, cavities and internal corners has always created problems for flock coaters - due to the 'Faraday Cage' effect where the electrostatically charged fibres are attracted to the nearest earthed surface - stopping them from reaching into those hard to reach spaces! The DCA Blown Flocking Adaptor can help existing owners of our DCA Fabricoat™ Series 60/100 quickly overcome this!  

A clean, compressed air supply is required, with a maximum pressure in of 6.0bar/80psi.

The Blown Flocking Control is powered by remote link to an existing Fabricoat™ Series generator.

N.B. The DCA Fabricoat™ Series 60/100 is NOT supplied with this Adaptor and must be purchased separately.

Fabricoat™ Series Blown Flocking Adaptor comes complete with:

  • Blown Flocking Adaptor Control
  • Electrostatic Applicator Gun
  • Air Delivery Hose
  • Flock Dispenser
  • Remote Link Lead
  • Magnet & Screws with accompanying Template
  • Instruction Manual

The Fabricoat™ Series Blown Flocking Adaptor will be particularly useful to automotive flockers; allowing you to get into those hard to reach recesses on dashboards, door pockets, centre consoles and coin trays. Anything with deep channels and crevices such as cutlery trays and jewellery boxes can now be easily flocked with our Blown Flocking Adaptor.

Technical Specification
Power Supply
Remote Link to existing Fabricoat™ Series Generator

Remote Switching Control
Handswitch (via Applicator Gun)
Pneumatic Switch

Air Pressure
Max 6.0bar / 80psi
Flock Dispenser Capacity

Unit Dimensions (WxHxD)
170mm x 60mm x 250mm
2.2Kg (Generator Weight)
3.2Kg (System Weight inc. Accessories)


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Fabricoat Series 60/100 - Blown Flocking Adaptor

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