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Fabricoat Series 60/100 - FS1/12 - 75mm Applicator Assembly Kit

The Fabricoat Series 60/100 is our professional industrial quality system with high and low output settings allowing for a simple-to-use piece of equipment suitable for medium sized 3D external surfaces or flat areas. This kit provides you with an Applicator, HT connector, HT Lead applicator adapter and two 75mm applicator pots that allow for seamless and instantaneous colour changes.

FS1/12 Applicator Assembly Kit comes complete with:

  • Applicator Handle & Assembly
  • High Voltage Cable
  • Fabricoat Series HT Connector
  • AdapterHT Lead Applicator
  • 2x Applicator Pots
  • Fine Mesh & Coarse Mesh


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Fabricoat Series 60/100 - 75mm Applicator Assembly Kit

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