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Fabricoat Series 60/100 - FS1/3P - 1.8 ltr/5" Large Square Pot Assembly Set

The Fabricoat Series 60/100 is our professional industrial quality system with high and low output settings allowing for a simple-to-use piece of equipment suitable for medium sized 3D external surfaces or flat areas. This applicator assembly set is a useful addition to the basic DCA Fabricoat Series kit. The set provides you with a large, square applicator head that enables the operator to use flock of longer length and larger quantity, particularly useful when flocking large areas.

FS1/3P Applicator Set comes complete with:

  • 1.8 ltr/5" Large Square Pot 
  • Charging Plate
  • Choice of Mesh:
    • Fine Mesh
    • Coarse Mesh
    • Extra Coarse Mesh


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Fabricoat Series 60/100 - 1.8 ltr/5" Pot Assembly Set

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