Fabricoat Series 100/200

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Fabricoat™ Series 100/200 - Industrial Quality Flock Spraying Equipment

The DCA Fabricoat™ Series 100/200 is our professional industrial quality system with variable output settings allowing for a simple-to-use piece of equipment that is suitable for powering small flock chambers and conveyors, as well as other smaller automated systems for the bulk flocking of smaller items. Due to its high voltage output, the 100/200 is NOT suitable for hand applicators.


The Fabricoat™ Series 100/200 can be powered from a mains supply or from a 24V DC supply.

Fabricoat™ Series 100/200 comes complete with:

  • Fabricoat Series 100/200
  • Mains Power Lead
  • Foot Switch
  • Anti-static Earth Strap
  • Instruction Manual

The Fabricoat™ Series 100/200 is widely used for conveyor systems and other batch assemblies.

Technical Specification

DC Output (High Voltage)
Maximum 100kV negative
200 microAmps
Power Supply
Mains UK - 240 VAC 50 Hz
Mains USA - 110 VAC 60 Hz
DC - 24 VDC
Fuse Rating Control Panel
2A 20mm (Anti Surge)
Remote Switching Control

Cabinet Dimensions (WxHxD)
310mm x 490mm x 260mm
12.5Kg (Cabinet Weight)
12.9Kg (System Weight inc. Accessories)


Request your Fabricoat™ Series 100/200 by emailing us at sales@flocking.biz or contacting us on 023 8061 3700.


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