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Product Announcement
New Flock Colour - 4.0mm Fern Green (364C)
The 4.0mm Fern Green (364C) is a yellowish green which can be used with other green and earth tone flock fibres to create your very own grass mix recipe. 
New Flock Colour - 1.0mm Sapphire Blue (2145C)
We have added a new member to our collection of blue flock fibres. Sapphire Blue (2145C) is a saturated shade of blue. 1.0mm flock can create a rich velvet like soft surface with a warm feel, and is widely used in a range of applications from fabrics...
New Flock Colour - 1.0mm Sunglow (Trilobal)
The iridescent Sunglow flock is a mixture of orange and yellow colour. It gives a sparkly and shimmery effect to the finished surface.
New Flock Colour - 0.5mm Signal Brown (RAL 8002)
Signal Brown (RAL8002) belongs to the Brown colour family. This colour is a medium dark shade of red-orange. 
0.5mm White Nylon Flock (Snow Fibres)
The white colour and fine texture of 0.5mm flock fibres make them suitable for winter-themed decoration.  They work well for creating a fine, powdery snow appearance.