How do you select adhesive for flocking?

How do you select adhesive for flocking?

We offer a wide range of adhesives in our shop to suit all purposes. If you are new to flocking, you might wonder which glue is the best for you. Get the right glue can stop your flocking from falling off and ensure a quality finish!

Things to consider when selecting an adhesive:

  • Substrate - The size and the material you are flocking on/ the surface of the adhesive is being applied to
  • Method of application - How is the adhesive applied? What tools do you need? (You could find more details on our product description)
  • Method of curing - Curing is the chemical process when a liquid adhesive turns into solid. When the adhesive is fully cured, it means the ultimate strength has been reached. Some of the adhesives can be air dried at room temperature while some of them have to be cured by heat. 
  • Skin time  - The time between application and the formation of the skin as the outer layer cures. As the flock can only be applied when the adhesive is still wet, the longer the skin time, the more time you have to apply the flock to your substrate.
  • Usage Expectations for the finished product - Will the product be used indoors or outdoors? Will it be exposed to high temperature or humidity? Want it rigid or flexible?

See more information below:


Materials it can be used on

Solvent/ Thinner/ Hardenner


Skin time

Additional Notes

5399 Aqueous Polyurethane

General purpose adhesive, can be used on most surfaces. often used on wood


Air Dry

5 mins

Stain resistant
Solvent free

5118 EVA

Board, wood, carpeting materials, felt, polyester, polystyrene and PVC


Air Dry

5 mins

Specifically formulated for screen printing, but can also be applied with roller, brush or spray.
Scrub resistant when dried

619 Latex

Flexible adhesive can be used on latex rubber, foam rubber and substrates requiring flexibility


Air Dry

5 mins

Highly flexible


Water and humidity resistance

DCA1244 Acrylic

Acrylic adhesive with good wetting properties making it suitable for the majority of materials. Frequently used on 3D printed polymers


Air Dry

5 mins



Water and humidity resistance

Dow Corning 734

Silicone rubber and other flexible substrates


Air Dry

7 mins

The only adhesive we have found to allow flocking to be applied on other silicone rubber substances

F57-16 Acrylic

General purpose adhesive suitable for most surfaces board, concrete, some metals, some plastics, concrete ceramics, wood, wood composites, carpet, felt and fabrics


Air Dry

5 mins

Water and humidity resistance
Non brittle when set

Epoxy (CPR5/CPH5)

All rigid materials, including metal. Frequently used on car interiors including dashboards.


20°C= 12hrs

70°C= 2hrs

Full Cure at 70°C = 3hrs

30 mins

Working temperatures of up to 120°C
Flame resistant when cured

Mecoflock D280


5% Mecodur H5580. The surface should be roughened mechanically or plasma pre-treated and free from any silicone, oil, dust and grease

80°C = 20 to 30 mins

4 mins

Recommend for those with large amounts of experience in flock application

Mecoflock D387

Door mats made of polypropylene, polyamide and coconut fibres

Recommend an addition of 4% MECODUR H5580

80°C = 40 mins (in a circulating air dryer)

5 mins

Good wet and dry resistances when cross-linked with the MECODUR H5580

Mecoflock D404

Almost all fabrics, textiles, papers and boards. 

Suitable for silk screen printing

Thinning not recommended, Clean equipment with water while wet

130°C to 140°C =    4 to 6 mins

80°C to 100°C =    30 to 40mins

7 hrs

(below 25°C)

Durable, Waterproof
Washable up to 90°C
Flexible when cured

2 part heat cured adhesive

Mecoflock D561

A wide range of PVC, soft-PVC and leather type materials

Recommend an addition of 5% MECODUR H5580 when curing with heat

50°C = 20 to 30 mins

20°C = 24hr

4 mins

Good resistances to water and UV light when cross-linked with the MECODUR H5580

PU 34017

Suitable for a range of materials, particularly plastic substrates such as ABS and pre-treated PP

Recommend an addition of 5% PU34017 hardener.

Clear, Blue or Black

18 - 24°C

8 mins


High mechanical strength resistance

Very high water resistance

Commonly used as a replacement for solvent based adhesive for automotive interiors and trim