Flock is All Around

Flock is All Around

Flocked items can be easily found throughout our daily lives. From the clothes you wear to the curtains in your home, from jewellery boxes and small toys, to car dashboards and interior fittings. It is even present on the swabs you use to test for COVID. 

Flocking gives finished surface a better visual appearance and a warm soft feel, and provides a number of advantages in the following applications:

Vehicles and Boat interiors

Car Interior

Flocking is widely used in the automotive industry to provide a decorative and luxurious finish to plastic components in new cars. It is used on glove and coin boxes, door trim, head linings and engine components, which also helps to reduce noise, vibration and condensation. It is also used on the window rubbers to improve the sliding properties and prevent them from freezing to the windows in the winter.

By flocking the dashboard, it reduces glare and reflections in the windscreen.

Display and Packaging
Flock is available in different colours. It is perfect for shop displays and product packaging to give a cost effective yet rich and luxurious finish. It can also protect the delicate products such as jewellery, watches and glasses from scratches.Flocked Bags

Clothes and Textiles

The soft elevated surface can give a lot of possibilities when it comes to clothes and textiles designs. Flock printing on T-shirt is a simple design to make your garment stands out with a velvet feel finish.

The flocked layer in clothes can act as a thermal insulation to protect us against the cold and ensure the surface stay warm to the touch.

Cosmetics and Medicine

Flock is applied to a variety of cosmetic applicators such as powder puffs, lipstick and eye shadow applicators.  A lot of cosmetic packaging has a flock coating to upmarket the product. Interdental brushes and test swabs are a couple of medical applications.


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