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2.0mm 22 decitex Nylon Flock - Atlantic Blue (2186C)

This 2.0mm flock creates a carpet like soft surface with a warm feel, and is widely used in a range of applications from toys and scenery to fibre glass mouldings.
2.0mm flock is a good choice for fiberglass mouldings to create a smooth rich surface which hides some of the surface imperfections on non-gel coated surfaces.It can easily be washed down to keep surfaces clean. It provides a thermal barrier which reduces condensation on surfaces.

It is also popular to be used in art and craft projects to create textured surfaces in paintings or sculptures. 2.0mm flock can also be used to create a variety of textures on miniature models, such as grass, shrubs, and trees. They can be used in combination with other flock lengths to create a more complex and varied texture.

If you are interested in buying multiple 19Kg boxes of flock, please contact us for pricing.


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Atlantic Blue (2186C) - 2.0mm 22 Dtex

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