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Aeroflocker Hire - Portable Industrial Quality Blown Flock Spraying Equipment

The flocking of objects with pockets, cavities and corners has always created problems for flock coaters - due to the 'Faraday Cage' effect where the electrostatically charged fibres are attracted to the nearest earthed surface - stopping them from reaching into the corners! The DCA Aeroflocker overcomes this!  The Aeroflocker is our portable industrial quality blown electrostatic system that delivers an easily adjustable steady stream of charged flock, suitable for flocking objects which have deep recesses or sharp angles in addition to external surfaces. An optional hand-held applicator assembly is available for standard electrostatic applications.

The Aeroflocker can be powered from a mains supply or from a 24V DC supply.

Aeroflocker comes complete with:

  • Aeroflocker 
  • Applicator Gun
  • Flock Delivery Hose
  • Fine Mesh & Coarse Mesh
  • Mains Power Lead
  • ​Earthing Cable
  • Anti-static Earth Strap
  • Instruction Manual

The Aeroflocker is available for hire on a weekly or monthly basis; a refundable deposit of £975 is required for the rental of this machine. Please note the price quoted for the equipment hire excludes the £975 deposit that is required. All transport costs are in addition to the hire charges. 

N.B. Customers will be held liable for all losses, damages or breakages of the product whilst in their care. 

Technical Specification

DC Output (High Voltage)
Maximum 60kV negative
350 microAmps
Power Supply
Mains UK - 240 VAC 50 Hz
Mains USA - 110 VAC 60 Hz
DC - 24 VDC
Fuse Rating Control Panel
2A 20mm (Anti Surge)
Remote Switching Control
Handswitch (via Applicator Gun)
Footswitch (Optional)

Cabinet Dimensions (WxHxD)
410mm x 560mm x 300mm
25Kg (Cabinet Weight)
27.9Kg (System Weight inc. Accessories)

Flock Hopper Specification
Maxiumum Flock Capacity - 1Kg
Minimum Operational Capacity - 100g
Maximum Flock Length - 2.0mm

Request your Aeroflocker Hire by emailing us at or contacting us on 023 8061 3700


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Aeroflocker Hire - Portable Industrial Blown System

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