Shipping & Delivery Information

We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Please note that there are restrictions on some products as these cannot be shipped to international destinations due to freight restrictions. We aim to dispatch all goods within 24 hours of receipt of the order. Whilst our aim is to meet these times, sometimes slight delays may occur when larger orders or custom-made goods are selected.

Tracking Numbers are available upon request on all shipments (excluding Royal Mail UK Delivery).
Please note that all prices quoted are approximate and exclusive of VAT. Exact postage costs are given at the checkout prior to payment being made.
Please read the delivery Terms & Conditions. By placing an order with Campbell Coutts Ltd. you agree that you have read, understood, and agreed with our Terms & Conditions.

United Kingdom Delivery

*Mainland UK includes the Isle of Wight, but excludes Highlands, Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland and other Islands. These will be charged as per column 5 above

The value stated for shipping at Checkout is based on the standard delivery method. If you would like to upgrade your delivery, then please contact us directly.

Europe, USA & Canada and all other countries
We offer weight based delivery by courier for all our international orders.
For shipment up to 50Kg, we use FedEx International Economy and Priority delivery methods.
For shipments of 50Kg and upwards, please contact us directly for a quote.

At checkout, a Country and Delivery Method will need to be chosen. The Delivery Method for those outside of Mainland UK* will relate to a Zone. Please find your Country in the table below, and select the relevant Zone at checkout. Please note that any incorrect Zone selection may result in further charges when processing your order.

The value stated for shipping at Checkout is based on Economy delivery method. If you would like to upgrade your shipment to Priority, then please contact us directly.
Europe USA & Canada All Other Countries
For orders of 1Kg and upwards

3-5 Working Day Delivery
For orders of 1Kg and upwards

2-3 Working Day Delivery
For orders of 1Kg and upwards

Delivery time is dependent on the
location of the destination!

To help find your Country - Press Ctrl-F and type the name of the Country.

Country Zone Country Zone Country Zone
Afghanistan E Guam E Romania T
Albania V Guatemala D Russia V
Algeria C Guinea E Rwanda E
American Samoa E Guinea Bissau E Saipan E
Andorra S Guyana D Samoa E
Angola E Haiti D Saudi Arabia C
Anguilla D Honduras D Senegal E
Antigua D Hong Kong B Serbia V
Argentina D Hungary T Seychelles E
Armenia E Iceland U Sierra Leone E
Aruba D India C Singapore B
Australia B Indonesia B Slovak Republic T
Austria S Iraq Republic E Slovenia T
Azerbaijan E Ireland W Solomon Islands E
Bahamas D Israel C Somalia E
Bahrain C Italy S South Africa D
Bangladesh C Ivory Coast E South Korea B
Barbados D Jamaica D Spain S
Belarus V Japan B Sri Lanka C
Belgium R Jordan C St. Kitts & Nevis D
Belize D Kazakhstan E St. Maarten D
Benin E Kenya E St. Martin D
Bermuda D Kiribati E St. Lucia D
Bhutan C Kuwait C St. Vincent D
Bolivia D Kyrgyzstan E Sudan E
Bonaire D Laos B Suriname D
Bosnia V Latvia T Swaziland E
Botswana E Lebanon C Sweden S
Brazil D Lesotho E Switzerland U
British Virgin Islands D Liberia E Syria C
Brunei C Libya C Taiwan B
Bulgaria T Liechtenstein U Tanzania E
Burkina Faso E Lithuania T Thailand B
Burundi E Luxembourg R Togo E
Cambodia B Macau B Tonga E
Cameroon E Macedonia V Trinidad & Tobago D
Canada A Madagascar E Tunisia C
Cape Verde E Malawi E Turkey V
Cayman Islands D Malaysia B Turkmenistan E
Cent African Republic E Maldives E Turks & Caicos Islands D
Chad E Mali E Tuvalu E
Chile D Malta T United Arab Emirates C
China F Marshall Islands E United States of America A
Colombia D Martinique D Uganda E
Congo E Mauritania E Ukraine V
Cook Islands E Mauritius E Uruguay D
Costa Rica D Mexico B Uzbekistan E
Croatia V Micronesia E Vanuatu E
Curacao D Moldova V Vatican City S
Cyprus T Monaco R Venezuela D
Czech Republic T Mongolia E Vietname B
Democratic Republic of Congo E Montenegro V Virgin Islands D
Denmark S Montserrat D Wallis & Futuna E
Djibouti E Morocco C Yemen C
Dominica D Mozambique E Zaire E
Dominican Republic D Myanmar C Zambia E
East Timor B Namibia E Zimbabwe E
Ecuador D Nauru E
Egypt C Nepal C
El Salvador D Netherlands R
Equatorial Guinea E New Caledonia E
Eritrea E New Zealand B
Estonia T Nicaragua D
Ethiopia E Niger E
Faroe Islands S Nigeria E
Fiji E Niue E
Finland S Norway U
France R Oman C
French Guiana D Pakistan C
French Polynesia E Palau E
Gabon E Palestine Authority C
Gambia E Panama D
Georgia E Papua New Guinea E
Germany R Paraguay D
Ghana E Peru D
Gibraltar U Philippines B
Greece S Poland T
Greenland S Portugal S
Grenada D Puerto Rico D
Guadeloupe D Qatar C